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TKT Roll Car Experience

Looking for something different for your next event. Try the all new TKT 360 Roll Car. With the amazing lights and music it will take your event to the next level. Before you book please remember to send the waiver attachment to all riders! Let TKT be a part of your next event…

TKT Roll Car Rules

Waiver must be signed and returned to TKT personnel
Follow instructions provided by TKT personnel. Failure to follow personnel instructions will result yield results such as removal from the car or banned for the duration
Rider under the age of 12 must ride with someone 16 or older
Arms and legs must remain inside the roll car at all times

Please download our waiver and bring with you during your TKT Roll Car Experience. Download here

Pricing: $225 an hour

Additional hour: $125 (15 or unless riders)

Additional hour: $225 (15 or more riders)

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